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Changing the way you measure social impact

A SaaS solution, dedicated to empowering companies and charities to unleash the full potential of their employees, donors, and customers.

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We're on a mission to unlock $10bn in donations to worthy causes and maximise social impact

Our Solutions

All of your social impact on one platform

Donate and fundraise

Transforming Generosity into Action
Allow employees and customers to easily donate to, create and promote fundraisers surrounding causes that matter to them. Make philanthropy simple, approachable and meaningful.  

Volunteer opportunities

Unlock the Potential of Collaboration 

Unite and engage your employees and customers with a common purpose. Quickly find and match with various in-person, online, and experienced regional and international volunteering opportunities. 

Manage carbon offsetting
Carbon Offset

Offset Your Carbon Footprint 

Empower your employees and customers to promote and facilitate easy and convenient carbon offsetting. Go beyond cutting back on your carbon footprint and include actively promoting a more sustainable and greener future. 


Empower your employees and customers by connecting them with causes close to their hearts. Cultivate inclusivity and bolster retention rates by involving them in your social impact initiatives. Our innovative AI technology swiftly identifies charitable opportunities, enabling seamless engagement and immediate action. 

Engage customer and employees with social impact
Manage social impact


Empower your organisation's social impact effortlessly. Streamline tracking and management of donations, fundraisers, volunteering, salary sacrifices, and carbon footprint activities. Monitor and evaluate engagement with employees and customers as you work towards a shared goal. 


Gain comprehensive insight into your organisation's social impact. Visualize, share, and report on your activities, supporting compliance with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) standards while enhancing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) effectiveness. Empower informed decision-making for a sustainable future. 

Measure social impact

We empower organisations, their employees, and customers for lasting impact, through contribution, volunteering, and carbon offsetting

About Us

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We're not just a startup; we're a movement committed to global change. Our mission is to empower businesses, their employees, and customers to contribute, volunteer, and offset carbon emissions for lasting impact.

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